Concrete Barrier

Manufactured with precision, these precast concrete barriers offer effective protection against vehicle collisions and are designed for swift installation across various road settings. McCann Concrete Products manufactures and stocks DOT-approved roadway barriers, and they’re always ready for immediate shipment. Additionally, we have the capability to produce specialized barrier types as highlighted below.

Precast Barriers for Protection and Mobility

McCann Concrete offers two precast barrier options. Although our barrier ends up primarily on infrastructure projects and industrial facilities, we also support security, crowd control, equipment protection, and perimeter fencing/boundary marking projects.

Movable highway barrier is a temporary concrete barrier that is used for traffic control on road and bridge projects. MCP manufacturers and stocks standard Type F barrier in 12.5′ sections per the IDOT standard, but this barrier is often allowed for use on neighboring DOT projects as well.

X-connection barrier is a stay-in-place barrier that utilizes a special “X-connection” to minimize deflection without pinning to driving surface and allows traffic on both sides. This is an ideal solution when you need to maximize traffic flow, but lack the extra time to secure barrier to the road surface.

Movable fencing barrier is designed for mobile environments such as railyards and terminals. They feature an extra wide top edge to accommodate fence post embedment. Fork pockets and shorter piece length (8’) allow for ease of movement.


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