States and DOTs are increasingly turning to design-build for project solicitation and delivery and McCann Concrete is well equipped to support the precast needs of these projects. Design-build projects streamline the construction process by integrating both design and construction services under a single contract. According to a Design Build Institute of America (DBIA) study, almost 50% of construction spending will be design-build by 2026.

Design-Build Precast Products

Each design-build project is unique and has its own challenges. While we can supply any of the products you see on this website, the precast types below are most common.


When new lanes of traffic are added to highways, the increased traffic noise is often studied. This can result in the need for sound mitigation to reduce impact to nearby residents. Soundwalls are a common solution.

MSE Walls

MSE walls are a great tool for design-build projects. Flexible design allows them to excel in a number of different scenarios including bridge abutment walls, on/off ramps, slope stabilization, and retaining walls.

Box Culverts

Box culverts are an incredibly flexible product widely used on design-build projects from stormwater management, to short-span bridges, to pedestrian tunnels, to water detention structures. Standard design tables offer predictable pre-bid quantities, and sizes can be adjusted in-project with proportional cost change.


Precast concrete barriers are an important part of any traffic control plan.  Temporary barrier wall is easily movable between work locations to ensure all workers are safe from traffic.

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