End Sections & Wingwalls

Precast end sections for box culverts and pipe provide a reliable, efficient solution for drainage and water management systems. These durable structures are engineered for easy installation and long-term stability, ensuring seamless integration with box culverts and pipes. Their high-quality precast construction guarantees consistent performance and low maintenance.

Precast Options to Fit Your Design

While it is generally acceptable to end a pipe or box culvert run with a plain straight barrel piece, most owners and designers prefer a tapered end section at each end of the structure to contour to the surrounding grade. McCann Concrete offers numerous options that cover any range of design cases and most end section types can be manufactured for pipe culverts or box culverts including IDOT standard box culvert end section, parallel wall end section, flared end section, wingwalls, headwalls, and toewalls.

Using a combination of our precast box culvert and end treatments, we can design and manufacture a single-sourced, 100% precast, culvert structure for most design cases.

IDOT Standard

  • The most basic end treatment
  • Standard barrel with tapered walls

Flared End Section

  • Precast wingwalls and apron with a short piece of barrel attached for seemless install on the end of run of box culverts
  • Wingwalls designed to match existing slope and grade

Parallel Wall End Section

  • Similar to flared end section, but with walls that run parallel to the flow channel
  • Available in multi-piece construction for oversized and large ends

T-Wall Wingwall

  • Separate wingwall with attached foundation
  • Designed for site-specific slope and loading conditions

Counterfort Wingwall

  • Seperate wingwall with counterfort
  • Designed for site specific slope and loadings

End Sections for Pipe

  • We offer any of our end section treatments for pipe culverts as well (concrete, plastic, or metal)


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