Precasting a Missouri MSE Wall with Curves

McCann Concrete Products completed an MSE wall in St. Charles County, Missouri that offered a unique set of challenges. The wall was placed on a narrow-divided piece of land between a newly reconstructed exit ramp from I-70 and some existing commercial properties. The wall made multiple twists and turns, creating multiple unique ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ radii throughout the single wall, many of which, were too tight for a standard 10’ wide MSE panel.

We partnered with engineers from Contech Engineered Solutions (using their Vist-a-Wall system). McCann Concrete was tasked with designing and manufacturing a series of custom width precast facing panels, along with custom edge treatments, to fit the curves and follow the narrow strip of land provided. In addition, custom column-width precast coping with mitered edges allowed for 100% precast construction of the wall components, despite the unique challenges faced.

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