Easi-Set Buildings Play a Key Role in American Water Plant Upgrades

McCann Concrete Products has manufactured and installed multiple Easi-Set building types at the Illinois American Water Plant in East St. Louis, IL under three different contracts,

The first was a 24’ x 50’ Easi-Span building that was built to house a new and upgraded switchgear and other control systems. This building was shipped in panels, assembled onsite, and outfitted as needed by the owner.

The second was a series of six smaller Easi-Set enclosures ranging from 10’ x 10’ to 14’x20’ as part of a chemical feed system upgrade. Each building houses a chemical pump that moves chemicals throughout the property to various buildings and tanks. The buildings were prefabricated at our plant in Dorsey, IL and shipped to the jobsite where they were set on a prepared foundation.

Finally, a pair of custom site-assembled buildings for an upgrade to the PH adjustment system. These buildings were 15’ x 45’ each and were custom designed to have insulation embedded into the wall and roof panels.

Easi-Set buildings continue to offer unique and customizable solutions for important infrastructure upgrades throughout the country.

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