McCann’s Precast Supports Illinois Airport Lighting Project

McCann Concrete Products was called upon during an upgrade to the lighting systems at Waukegan National Airport in Waukegan, IL. The contractor was tasked with pouring hundreds of small concrete foundations on, or around, runway lights and signs. Some were as small as 0.25 cubic feet.

McCann was supplying a truckload of precast electrical handholes to the project and offered a value-engineering solution to the multitude of small foundations and miscellaneous concrete pours.

After careful planning and coordination, McCann manufactured and supplied the project with 568 Precast Anchor Blocks for Stake Mounted Taxiway Edge Lights, 262 Precast Foundations for Ground Mounted Runway Edge Lights, and 38 Precast Guidance Sign Foundations.

The 800-plus pieces of precast concrete saved days of interruption on the runway and decreased installation time for the light upgrade.

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