Large Precast Box Culverts and Wingwalls Aid North Saint Louis Design-Build Project 

When the design team on the I-270 North Design-Build project needed to extend two large culvert structures as part of their corridor improvements, they turned to McCann Concrete Products for assistance with design, layout, and manufacturing. This challenging site has large water flows during rain events, which makes pouring cast-in-place concrete challenging and forces precise planning for precast installs.

The first structure was a standard designed 10’ x 7’ box culvert, 250 LF total, in a double run. The ends were skewed to match the existing structure with exposed rebar extended from the culvert ends, allowing a simple collar poured in the field to connect the old structure to the new extension.

The second structure was a unique custom designed box culvert. This 10’ span x 15’ rise culvert is unique because of its large size, and also the fact that its rise is larger than its span. This layout required custom design and engineering work.

Additionally, the 10’ x 15’ culvert required 1,000 SF of wingwall – 60′ on each side and maximum height of 17’ to match the outside dimensions of the box – to create an open-channel type out-flow. McCann designed and manufactured eight large sections of counterfort-style wingwalls to be assembled in the field.

Great planning and coordination among the Design-Build team (Millstone Weber + Parsons Engineering), the installer (Brewster Companies), and precaster (McCann Concrete Products) lead to a successful extension and improvement of stormwater management on the I-270 North Corridor.

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