Retaining Walls

McCann Concrete specializes in manufacturing precast concrete panels for a wide range of retaining wall types, ensuring top-tier quality and durability for each project. We are equipped to handle projects large and small, and recognized as a trusted industry leader in the production of retaining walls.

Precast Solutions for Various Retention Scenarios

MSE walls are ideal for large scale walls and fill scenarios. They’re designed for extreme heights and loading and can accommodate poor soils and differential settlement. The utilization of geogrid allows for economical thin facing panels, which can reduce project costs. We can also customize aesthetics to fit your project needs.

Lagging panels are good for cut scenarios with no soil reinforcement. These customizable panels utilize driven or drilled piles for lateral support. The use of precast concrete gives lagging panels unmatched lifespan when compared to alternate lagging materials.

Counterfort walls are a perfect fit for wingwalls and shorter walls (up to ~10-12’). They consist of precast a concrete facing panel with integral counterfort or footing and allow for full-height construction. The stability of counterfort walls is maintained by the weight of wall and soil.


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